positive image, leeds studio hire Positive Image: July 2014

Thursday 24 July 2014

Just another day in the life of a top model!

A photo shoot was held at Positive Image yesterday for Graham and Brown Wallpapers featuring doggy model, Boris. We built props and wallpapered a wall for the day. The concept of the shoot was to show the tradition and "Northern-ness" of their latest patterns and features Boris the Whippet, the star of the show. The dog was to wear a flat cap but this will be added later in post production. Boris was an absolute star and would do anything for his owner, Andie (as long as she had a chicken bite!) and took it all in his stride. The shots were taken by The Phodographer, Annemarie King from York who specialises in doggy portraits for the Branding Agency, 10 Associates.

It was a long day but Boris performed like the true professional he is and ended the day with some well earned relaxation outside the studio in the daylight!

Further shots from the day can be found on Twitter @leedsstudiohire
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Tuesday 22 July 2014

Jon Humfrees hosts Mastermind from our studio

A spoof video based on the BBC's Mastermind programme was shot at the studio today. It was basically a best mans speech, hosted by Jon Humfrees, with the best man answering questions on, you guessed it, the groom. The video is to be shown on a large screen at the wedding this coming Saturday.

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Sunday 13 July 2014

Silence and Meditation at Positive Image

Positive Image's quiet and tranquil location meant that it was ideally suited for a series of shots taken for Yoga GPS, a new Yoga Social Media Network, showing various Yoga positions to be put in their gallery on their forthcoming site.

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Tuesday 8 July 2014

What's the point of PowerPoint?

A video featuring motivational speaker, Lee Jackson was produced by Paul Brodie from Manto Creative Media at Positive Image's Studios today.
Lee is one of the world’s leading slide design experts and authors. A Powerpoint Surgeon, if you will. He weans people off death by PowerPoint and bad bullet points by coaching good slide design for maximum impact. Not many people train people on Microsoft PowerPoint but they use it all the time…
Lee Jackson solves that problem.

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